GBA Tournament

International LGBTQ+ Gender-Neutral Tournament


The tournament will be offered in following levels:

  • C- = 9th and 8th division
  • C+ = 7th division
  • B- = 6th division
  • B+ = 5th division
  • A = 4th and 3th division

We are playing with feather shuttles. All provided by organiser.

  • C-/C+ = Yonex Aerosensa 10
  • B-/B+ = Yonex Aerosensa 20
  • A = Yonex Aerosensa 30

Please indicate your skill level accurately so that we can organise a fair and exciting tournament for all participants. You can use the following description to help assess your competition level:

  • A: International- and national-team level
  • B+: Competitive level with extensive tournament experience
  • B-: Competitive level with tournament experience
  • C+: Recreational level with some tournament experience.
  • C-: Recreational level with no or very limited tournament experience

You must adjust your level due to your doubles partner. For instance, if you’re at level B- and you team up with someone rated B+, according to the rules, you must register for Doubles B+.

Badminton Gear

Join us at the tournament where will be present with their shop, providing you with the opportunity to purchase all your badminton gear essentials. If you’re curious, feel free to check out their website beforehand!

Don’t forget, we’ll also have restringing services available on-site! Bring your racket and get it expertly restrung at a great price:

Yonex BG-65 – €17,50
Yonex BG-65 Ti – €20,00
Yonex BG-66 Force – €20,00
Yonex BG-66 Ultimax – €20,00
Yonex BG-80 – €20,00
Yonex BG-80 Power – €20,00
Yonex Nanogy 95 – €20,00
Yonex Nanogy 98 – €20,00
Yonex Aerobite – €22,50
Yonex Aerobite Boost – €22,50
Yonex Exbolt 63 – €22,50
Yonex Exbolt 65 – €22,50